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Monday, August 23, 2004

First posting

I'm looking for an easy way to keep The View from Landmark up to date. Putting together each issue of The View requires several html pages: one for the overall "container" and one for each article. Then I have to publish a version for email and one for the Web.

It's a lot of work.

My hope is that blogging will simplify the publishing process so that I can get on with the business of writing. There's lots of information I want to share with Landmark clients and other readers.

Blogger is a free Google product. While not the most sophisticated of the many blogging programs available, it's all I need for now. Using it ensures that these pages will be indexed by Google.

I like the fact that I can go back later and update any posting without changing the original date stamp. (Posted 2 days later.)

Eventually I may step up to something like Movable Type -- free for personal use, licensed for business use. Powerful stuff.